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Brief History

The Council was inaugurated in 1993 with its secretariat inside the Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH), Isolo Campus.The first annual conference was held in 1993 where Shamisideen Muhammad emerged as the first Amir (President) of the council.

The council which initially started with one central branch now has five. Likewise the control of secondary schools which was restricted to public secondary schools now includes some private secondary schools within her territory. The likes of Al-Faruq Comprehensive College , Ejigbo, Latmos Comprehensive College Egbe, and others are forthcoming.

The effort to provide Islamic and Arabic education is of high importance as the council operates three Arabic centres (Ejigbo, Ilasamaja and Isolo) for members to learn more about Islam in general and Arabic language in particular.

Twice in our history, we have been considered first rate in the Lagos state Area Unit Terminal Ratings of Area Councils. The council contributes a lot to the academic progress of her members. She started her Extra Mural class ( LAMRAS ACADEMY ) from a mosque and later secured a temporary site at Akinbaye Street , Isolo.

The Extra Moral class was re named EXCEL TUTORS in August 2003 and took of at Turning point Nursery and primary School, 21, Ilori Street , Ire-Akari Estate, Isolo. At a time it moved to Raothar Nursery and primary school, 22 Metropolitan Road Isolo until a site was obtained on lease at 25 Baales street, Ishagatedo, Isolo where EXCEL TUTORShas been since then.

Shamsideen Muhammad 1993-1994
Adbulateef Atobajaiye (acting) 1994-1997
Sodiq Abdul Shakur Afina 1997-1999
Mutiu Adebayo 1999-2001
Tajudeen Abdulkihaniyy 2001-2005
Mishadeen Ismail 2005
Ibrahim Shaffi Amir (President)
Abdur-Rahman Adetayo Aminul’ Am (Secretary)
Ibrahim Olawuyi Public Relations Officer (PRO)
Ghaniyah Abdul-Azeez Amirah (Female Head)
Isolo Central Mosque, Mosalashi Street , Isolo,

Usrah Centres
Venue: Iranlowo Oluwa Mosque, Moshalashi B/stop, Itire
Time: 4:30 - 6:00pm
Contact e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This is an avenue where members from secondary schools, higher institutions and central branches come together in a life like manner with a view of healthy interactions while learning salient subjects about the religion of Islam. It comes up every Friday at Isolo Central Mosque, Mosalashi Street , Isolo between 2.00pm and 4.00pm .

This is a programme designed for the sister to learn more gender specific issues. It comes up every 3 rd Friday of the Lunar Month at Isolo Central Mosque, Isolo between 2.00pm and 4.00pm.
  • Egbe Central branch
  • Ejigbo Central branch
  • Estate/Oke - Afa Central branch
  • Ilasamaja Central branch
  • Isolo Central branch
1. Ajumoni Grammar School, Okota
2. Al-Faruq Comprehensive College, Okota
3. Ansarudeen Comprehensive College, Okota
4. Ansarudeen Model College, Isolo
5. Apata Memorial High School, Okota
6. Central High School, Okota
7. Ejigbo High School, Ejigbo
8. Eko Girls Grammar School, Okota
9. Excel College, Ejigbo
10. Ijeshatedo Grammar School, Okota
11. Ilamoye Grammar School, Okota
12. Ire Akari Grammar School, Okota
13. Isolo Comprehensive High School, Isolo
14. Isolo High School, Isolo
15. Isolo Secondary School, Isolo
16. Latmos Comprehensive College, Egbe, Ikotun
17. Matori Grammar School, Okota
18. Metropolitan College, Isolo
19. Mushin Boys' High School, Okota
20. Mushin High School, Okota
21. Muslim College, Egbe
22. Oke -Afa Comprehensive College, Jakande Estate
23. Okota Grammar School, Okota
24. Okota Secondary School, Okota
25. Okota High School, Okota
26. Top-Laurel High School, Jakande Estate
1. Ansarudeen College of Education (ADCOED), Isolo
2. Lagos State Polytechnic (LASPOTECH), Isolo Campus, Isolo

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