UN/Palestine deliberation: meeting: MSSN Lagos challenges Jonathan to give reason for absence

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The Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Area Unit has said the refusal of President Goodluck Jonathan to vote at the United Nation Congress expected to end killings of Palestinians was shocking.
The society in a statement by its president, Kaamil Kalejaiye, accused President Jonathan of an international marginalisation and sabotage against Muslims.
Nigeria had on December 30, reportedly  abstained from voting during the United Nations deliberation on whether Palestine should be recognised as a full-fledged state.
Eight votes were secured by Palestine out of the mandatory nine votes as Nigeria refused to cast a vote.‎ While Argentina, Chad, Chile, Jordan, Luxembourg, China, France and Russia voted ‘Yes’ to a Palestinian state, only Australia and the United States voted ‘No’ while Nigeria joined Lithuania, South Korea, Rwanda and Britain in the abstention camp.
The MSSN Lagos leader described the action of the Nigerian president as disrespect for human lives‎, saying it was wicked for a president to shelve a deliberation that would have saved the lives of thousands of people.
He wondered if the president had done that to secure international community support for his 2015 re-election.
Kaamil said, "It is very shocking, indeed sad that despite the first hand killings witnessed by our president here in Nigeria, he can afford to be absence at such a very important delibration. To us, he has only decided to join the international politics by being absent. This is an obvious indication that politics can be one of the reasons why Boko Haram still operates successfully in the country.
"Another thing that one reasons is whether the President's absence is a bargain with  international community suspectedly the United States for support ahead of his 2015 re-election bid.  If the Federal Government has failed in securing Nigerians live, it doesn't mean we should not rescue others.
"‎Our president's action is a clear indication that he cared little about our own lives as Nigerians. We are not Palestinian but common sense and respect for human life tell one that regardless of the situation at hand, that it is better to resolve peacefully in such a decisive and rescue delibration ."
The group, ho‎wever challenged the President to publicly give reasons for his abstinence, noting that it would be more painful if the president remained silent on the matter.
Kalejaiye added, "Despite public outcry from Muslim groups, we have patiently observed that the President and Presidency have decided to turn deaf hears. They haven't altered any word. This is embarrassing. We are beginning to believe that the silence is another means of marginalising the Muslims. Maybe he would have responded and give reasons of if the offence was committed against Christians.
"However, while we await the president's response on his cruel absence during the deliberation, we call on all to be security conscious with the coming presidential election. Again, we reiterate that the actions of Boko Haram are unislamic.  They do not represent us and we must collectively fight them."

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