N10 deduction in oil price, a cheat - MSSN Lagos

The Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, Lagos State Area Unit has described as shameful the Federal Government's act of taking Nigerians for granted.
The society said this in a statement by its President, Kaamil Kaleijaye, reacting to the N10 reduction in the fuel price of the country. According to Kaleijaye, the Federal Government with the meagre reduction underrated the economic consciousness of the Nigerian populace. 
He lamented that despite public outcries, the President Goodluck Jonathan-led administration still promotes corruption and inequality. Kalejaiye said, "Despite the fact that it took so much time and complaints to reduce the oil price, it still came as a cheat. Why does FG keep destroying the integrity of Nigeria in international communities? Where other countries are making their citizens happy with more per cent decrease, the Nigerian government compounded our sadness with N10 decrease. We must state clearly that as students, we are neither happy nor ‎impressed with the reduction. It is a complete cheat on us.
"Even if we want to talk of cost of refining, ‎we should still have the more reduction because if there is a significant fall in oil price, there should also be a significant change in oil price. The FG should give Nigerians what we deserve based on standard and not what their so called 'cabal' dictates that should hold."
The leader of the students-based organisation also suspected foul play in the reduction, ‎faulting that it has no multiplier effect on other derivatives.
‎He said, "The reduction as a cheat is further proven by the partial and suspicious gesture of the Federal Government which only reduced petroleum prices. Since it is reduction on crude oil, why is it that it is only petrol that was reduced and no reduction announced for other derivatives of crude oil? Since Kerosene, diesel are also derivatives of crude oil, they should also be reduced.
"The government should not failed to realise that Kerosene is what is mostly used by the masses and reduce it immediately. It is worrisome that Nigerians need to always complain before government does the right thing."
He further asked the FG to fix the challenge of missing barrels of crude oil to enable Nigerians enjoy the full benefit of the natural resources.
"FG must stop making Nigerians suffer for its inadequacies. It should account for the daily missing oil barrels ‎and give Nigerians what they deserve," he added.

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