The organisation seeks to develop its 10 acres of land to a HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT CENTRE with all essential infrastructures in place. The Centre shall comprise a mosque, a functional library, classrooms, dormitories, a multipurpose hall, an administrative building, vocational training centres, recreational facilities, and clinics.

One of the mandates of the Society in Lagos is to inculcate leadership skills and management training in our youth in accordance with divine injunctions. In order to achieve this laudable objective, the Society is desirous of developing its 10 acres of land within the state to a HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT CENTRE that will comprise a computer laboratory, a functional library, classrooms, a multipurpose hall, dormitories, vocational training centre, recreational facilities, administrative building and clinics for youth development.

After we had successfully acquired 10 acres of land (out of the proposed 40 acres) at Eredo LCDA in Lagos State, we are highly-spirited to proceed to the second phase of our lofty project which involves the Design and Construction of Major Structures and Infrastructures on the acquired land.



The Human Capital Development Centre (HCDC) is being developed by Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN), Lagos State Area Unit (LSAU) to provide multidisciplinary leadership training for Nigerian Muslim youths as a mark of continuous contribution to the national and community development in the areas of academic excellence, spirituality, intellectualism and morality. The HCDC is currently planned on 10 acres of land situated in Odo-Noforija Epe, in the Neighbourhood of Michael Otedola College of Primary Education (MOCPED), Epe, Lagos State Nigeria.

Immediate development of this centre has become highly imperative as the MSSN LSAU continues to face immeasurable frustration in her bid to secure rented facilities/schools for our various training programmes organised for youth both students and working-class members. The training programmes are held at least three times annually with attendance of 5,000 participants per module. It has recorded tremendous success in the area of enhancing academic excellence, spiritual development and moral uprightness of our members and by extension making positive impact in the society at large.

In the last three years the, Lagos state area unit has developed HCDC to a state just adequate to host the male members alone during the dry season. Thus the centre has hosted the male programmes for three years and female members in the year 2015. The present facility is not adequate to host both male and female members and also to hold training programme during the wet season.

Our Challenge

The Estimate for structures on Human Capital Development Centre is 1.2 billion naira. Ten percent (10%) of this sum is being contributed by the members of the Society across the state. We thus seek your compassionate support for this project of ours. The undersigned will be glad to confer with you on the above matter subject to your convenience.



Distinguished Fathers, Mothers, Brothers and Sisters, it is our lofty dream to bring to reality the perfection of Islamic ideals which present most excellent solution to our societal problems. The return of harmony to our larger community is hinged on the efforts of all and sundry in positioning the youths (who are the obvious leaders of tomorrow) to discharge leadership role in the most sublime manner.

We are therefore convinced that the execution of the Human Capital Development Centre for training programmes would go a long way in impacting positively on our society as a whole.

Your contributions, in cash and material, towards making this Project a reality would be greatly appreciated.


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