The society, Muslim Students' Society of Nigeria, is the meeting point for all Muslim Students in all Higher Institutions, Secondary Schools in most part (if not all), graduate and Post Graduates as well as Muslims who attend technical institution, like the craftsmen and women in Nigeria. Frankly speaking, this society has one of the largest spread of society in (religious or otherwise) in the whole of Nigeria. The major objective is that it may be the forum for making every Muslim youth that is privileged to attend any school in the ... read more


One of the mandates of the Society in Lagos is to inculcate leadership skills and management training in our youth in accordance with divine injunctions. In order to achieve this laudable objective, the Society is desirous of developing its 10 acres of land within the state to a HUMAN CAPITAL DEVELOPMENT CENTRE that will comprise a computer laboratory, a functional library, classrooms, a multipurpose hall, ........ read more

Hijab: How Far, So Far

MSSN Lagos State Area Unit owe the Muslims in Lagos State and the entire Nigeria this duty of adequately giving correct and true version of the Hijab struggle. Let us state here that we seek neither fame nor recognition from this effort. The simple Demand, not Request, is that Hijab becomes part of school uniform in Lagos State and that all forms of victimization and harassment of Muslim girls by school principals  .... read more


Amir’s Welcome Address for the HTC 2014

I congratulate you and all Muslims worldwide for a successful completion of the 1435 Ramadan fast and the celebration of Eidul Fitri. May Allah accept all our acts of worship therein and count us as inmate of Al-jannah. Brethren, Ramadan has taught us how to live our lives as believers. Hence, we must ensure we sustain the legacies of the month till the next one.

Our country is plagued by several destructive factors varying from insecurity, terrorism, kidnapping, armed robbery, cultism and gangsterism, poverty and other social vices, all results of endemic corruption and clueless cum bad leadership. The anti-Islamic Boko Haram massacres continue unabated and the disunity and division among the ... Click here for more


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If any do wish for the transitory things (of This life), we readily grant them - such things As we will, to such person As we will: In the end have we provided Hell for them: They will burn therein, disgraced and rejected.

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Justice Grace Onyeabo of court 58, Lagos State High Court dismiss the Hijab Case this morning. We however appreciate all the individual and societies that attend the hearing, we shall proceed to court of appeal to secure our right guaranteed by the Nigeria constitution. Jazakumullahu Khairan.   
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